Love Over HateLove Over Hate
By: NovelRead

Chapter 11

  Lea took a small breath and felt that her stomach was scratched with a knife. Her face was pale and clasped by the man's wrist, and she slightly choked.   "Glen, this is our child. I want to give birth to him, OK? I beg you, let me give birth to him, OK? As long as you save him, I will agree to whatever you say."   The man didn't care about the finger marks on his wrist, and there was no expression in his drooping eyes. He responded in a deep voice, "Okay, you will give birth to him I promise. If you hold on, I promise you everything."   After finally hearing the promise she had hoped for, Lea's pale lips showed a very faint smile and then fainted unbearably.   Glen was shocked for a while, "Lea. Lea."   The light in the emergency room turned on, Glen leaned against the wall with his legs soft. His head was blank, and his only memory was Lea before she finally fainted.   So deep, so touching and sad.   "Jeric..."   A timid voic

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